Feeding and Nutrition for the SUPER Senior Equine

                                                            Feeding The Super Senior Horse

                                                  Our Winning Formula for 33 year old Dude

                                                            Video Coming late October 2017

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Arizona Hay Report: October 12, 2017

Arizona Hay Report Here  California Regions  supply Arizona. USDA does not publish Hay prices for Arizona  Wholesale at the Stack October 12,2017     Hay Quality standards as defined by:  The U. S. Dept of Agriculture *Please note: Add the smell …

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Cowboy Lassoes Thief

Cowboy lassoes thief in parking lot

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Wild Horses, Wild Men

Horse whisperer tames wild hearts in Florence

Horse whisperer tames wild hearts in Florence    

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6 Secrets Salt River Wild Horses

Salt River Wild Horses

Clink on Link https://shar.es/1lbt05      

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Horses Facial Expressions Defined

“Horses are undoubtedly emotional animals,” Jennifer Wathan, a doctoral researcher at the University of Sussex and one of the study’s authors, said. “But what they feel and how that is expressed is a question that we have yet to pin …

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Do Horses really read Human emotion?

Did Horses Evolve To Read Human Emotions?

Did Horses Evolve To Read Human Emotions?

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The Most Important Nutrient for Horses

The Most Important Nutrient*     As temperatures increase, so does the water requirement of our livestock. Most livestock owners know the nutrient content of the grains and forages they are feeding their livestock and can tell you if the …

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TheTriathalon for Horses:Cross Country

The most dangerous of all the Horse Sports Competition. A sampling of the USA’s most difficult competition in Lexington Kentucky  annually. April 2016 Helmet Cam 12 minute ride [https://youtu.be/ohCTL4WPE8c?]    

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Happy Independence Day July 4 1776

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How Much Does He Love Scratching?

Horse loves Neck Scratched

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