Arizona Hay Report: 08/09/2015

Arizona Hay Report Here

                                                    Cutting Colorado Alfalfa 2015

Arizona Hay Report Here

Hay Quality standards as defined by:  The U. S. Dept of Agriculture

*Please note: Add the smell test to any hay you buy. If it doesn’t smell fresh, is dusty and doesn’t fit the descriptions  for Supreme, Premium or Good then be aware your horse may not be getting the nutrition she/he needs and you may be paying too much.*


Legumes refers to Alfalfa and others. Grass is Bermuda, Timothy, Orchard and more  

 USDA Hay Quality Standards

(May be used in conjunction with lab tests for Alfalfa Hay Quality categories)


1. Very early maturity, pre-bloom, soft, fine stems, extra leafy.

2. Factors are indicative of very high nutritive content.

3. Hay is excellent color and free of damage.


1 .Early maturity (i.e. pre-bloom in Legumes and pre-head in the Grass hays),

2. Extra leafy, and fine stemmed–factors of a high nutritive content.

3. Hay is green and free of damage.


1. Early to average maturity (i.e. early to mid-bloom in Legumes and early head-in Grass hays) 

2.Leafy, fine to medium stemmed.

3. Free of damage other than slight discoloration.


Fair Quality Alfalfa

1. Late maturity (i.e. mid to late bloom in Legumes, head-in Grass hays)

2. Moderate or below leaf content.

3. Generally coarse stemmed  and hay may show light damage.


1. Hay in very late maturity (mature seed pods in Legumes and mature head –in Grass hay)

2. Coarse Stemmed.

3. Discounted Hay due to excessive damage, heavy weed content or mold.


  Region 6

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6 Responses to "Arizona Hay Report: 08/09/2015"
  1. Jeff says:

    Pecos Farm changed names to Riggs North Farm, its on Riggs Rd. and Old Price Rd. They have hay for sale right now at $12.50 per bale. Their website is and has contact information on there.

  2. Claudia says:

    is there contact info for Pecos Fram?

  3. Steve says:

    Just bought some Timothy hay at Pecos Farm in Sun Lakes for $10 a 55# bale. I think they have timothy / alfalfa too.

  4. Ron says:

    This year was the worst drought in decades in America. Hay production was down all over the country. When hay production is down in other regions, states like Texas and Florida (big horse hay markets) have to start buying from other regions. This lowers supply and increases prices. Then in the winter, there is less hay supply because no new hay is produced anywhere in North America. It’s true supply and demand. That is why hay prices are going up. You are not getting ripped off, its just the markets. Also keep in mind that shipping and logistics is more costly (less of it) in Flagstaff which increases prices over a Phoenix market. If you are buying directly from a farm up there, they are going to follow market prices, so they will charge more. Hope that explains a little.

  5. Gay Spivey says:

    What the hell! we’re gettin ripped off. Hay is 4-5 buck cheaper in the valley than it is in Flagstaff. If hay is gonna go up for the winter at least give horse owner a valid reason why! so we can understand. Last year was a texas drought so what the ecuse this year?