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In early 2011 we took on the daunting task of a complete redesign and reorganization of AllAboutHorses.com.  After weeks of research, we landed on a design, colors and fonts and a general idea of how to modernize it to fit your needs today and into the future.

The next step was for our designers to put it altogether and create a draft site for us to begin the process of  editing, transferring and reorganization of thousands of pages of content. Needless to say, the months went rolling by. And as of this writing we are not completely finished. This is truly a work in progress.

Now, it's up to you to "take her out for a test drive" and let us know "how she looks and runs". You can make comments or ask questions on almost every page on the website.

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AllAboutHorses.com is a blogging site that is building a broad range of helpful Horse Videos, Images and useful tips for all Horse Owners. We have information on Horse Health and Horse Care, Equine News that updates 24/7, Riding and Training techniques, Horse Sports, Safety Tips and anything related  to Horse Ownership.

As we progress, you will notice that we will continue to add more Horse Videos and Horse Images to make it easier for you to visualize how to accomplish your goals.

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Four Dead Horses found in Cave Creek

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When Whoa Doesn't Work

When Whoa Doesn’t Work

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Showing at Halter:Insights & Tips

CORRECTLY SHOWING YOUR HORSE AT HALTER  HELPFUL TIPS AND INSIGHTS  After a few months, I’m back in front of the computer writing articles on some interesting topics that I feel will help people who are constantly seeking knowledge about training …

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Flies: They’re baaack!

Yes they are. Two new articles on Fly Control appeared this past week in the Dairy Herd Network blog. The first article had some exciting news, a scientific method of dealing with fly populations. “The scientists of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) …

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Agriculture Done Right

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Unbranded Movie: Mustangs cover 3000 Miles

UNBRANDED 3,000 miles, 12 horses, 5 states, 4 men – riding from Mexico to Canada through the great American West.  UNBRANDED follows four young men as they take on a monumental challenge that will change them forever…

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Bits & Bites Seminar

Bits Workshop April 10

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Equine Escape Artist

Mariska: The Equine Escape Artist

Mariska the Escape Artist Horse

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Mini horse helps 5 year old Alaska Boy

Alaska Boy uses Service Mini Horse

A 5 year old disabled boy uses Mini Horse trained by his mother as a service animal.

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No Permit Required

Equestrian Property Permits & Zoning

No Permit Required Attention all Equine property owners, you gotta love this: A costly building permit was required for a shelter for horses but not for a table and chairs. That’s what I call innovation!!!!!

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