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October 12, 2017

Your  Horses’  health depends on the nutrition and the quality of the Hay you Feed.

  The U. S. Dept of Agriculture

*Please note: Add the smell test to any hay you buy. If it doesn’t smell fresh, is dusty and doesn’t fit the descriptions  for Supreme, Premium or Good then be aware your horse may not be getting the nutrition she/he needs and you may be paying too much.*


Legumes refers to Alfalfa and others. Grass is Bermuda, Timothy, Orchard and more  

(May be used in conjunction with lab tests for Alfalfa Hay Quality categories)


1. Very early maturity, pre-bloom, soft, fine stems, extra leafy.

2. Factors are indicative of very high nutritive content.

3. Hay is excellent color and free of damage.


1 .Early maturity (i.e. pre-bloom in Legumes and pre-head in the Grass hays),

2. Extra leafy, and fine stemmed–factors of a high nutritive content.

3. Hay is green and free of damage.

For more information check these links:


This space is available contact us at

2. TX Hay Company  Congress, AZ

Phone: 928-231-1434, call for prices and delivery

Semi Loads available: Alfalfa #1, Bermuda #1, Mixed, and Cow Hay

3. Rezzonico Hay Sales 16707 E Happy Rd Queen Creek AZ

Phone: 480-963-9522

Alfalfa: $13.00 #2 $10.00  Bermuda: $14.00 

4. Bales Hay and Feed Supplies 20600 W Beloat Rd Buckeye, AZ 

Phone: 623-386-2988

Alfalfa Premium: $12.00 #2 $11.00 Bermuda: $14.50  Paca Verde $13.50 

5. This listing is now available, contact us for details

6. Southwest Farm Services 11926 W Southern Av. Tolleson AZ

Phone: 623-936-4339

Alfalfa: $12.00 #2 $10.00 Bermuda: $14.00

7. Bond Crop 1221 E LeHi Rd. Mesa  AZ

Phone: 480-818-5259

Alfalfa: #1 $10:00 #2 $9.00 Cow Hay $8.00 

8. AZ Organic Alfalfa Hay, Blue Sky Farms 4762 N 189th Av Litchfield AZ

Phone: 623-266-4031

Alfalfa Supreme: $16.00, 80 pound  bales 

9. Sierra Farms  11377 S Rice Rd, Red Rock AZ

Phone: 520-251-2821, 520-251-1924

Alfalfa: $13.00 #2 $12.00 Bermuda: $11.00 #2 $9.00

10Rivera Hay Sales 68th & Thunderbird Peoria, AZ

Phone: 602-625-6686

Alfalfa #1: $11.00 #2 $10.00 Bermuda: $ 11.00 Buy 10/1 free

11. The Hay Barn Santan Village Pkwy & E Williams Field Rd. Gilbert, AZ

Phone: 480-688-4188

Alfalfa: $11.00   Bermuda Grass: $11.00   


1. Tx Hay Feed & Grain 30358 Hwy 60/89 Wickenburg AZ

Phone: 928-684-4448

Alfalfa #1: $11.75  Bermuda #1: $12.50 Mix: $10.75

2.Double D Western World  955 Wickenburg Way, Wickenburg AZ

Phone: 928-684-7987

Alfalfa #1: $12.99 Bermuda: $13.50 Mix:$12.50 Teff: $12.99

3. Serenity Farms Feed & Tack  30247 US Highway 60 89, Wickenburg, AZ (Now owned by DD Western)

Phone: 928-668-1333

Alfalfa: $12.99 Bermuda:$13.50 Teff: $12.99 

4. Buckeye Feed and Supply Patch 24100 W Hwy 85 Buckeye AZ                   

Phone: 623-386-6122

Alfalfa: $11.00 Bermuda: out

5. Dales Town and Country 14320 W. Waddell Road Surprise AZ

Phone: 623-584-5736

Alfalfa: $11.00  Bermuda: $16.00 Buy 10/1 free

6. Western Ranchman 16028 N 32nd St Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 602-992-3410

Alfalfa: $12.95 Bermuda: $14.95 Timothy compressed: $16.95

7. Hoofin It Feed & Tack, 8057 S Russell Rd. Globe AZ

 Phone: 928-425-1007

Alfalfa #1 $14.65 Bermuda: $15.00 (110 pound bales)

8. Tractor Supply 17130 E Shea Blvd. Fountain Hills AZ

Phone: 480-837-2060

Alfalfa: $13.49 Bermuda: $14.99  Price Match on Hay

9. Mike’s Cowboy Country 555 E Carefree Hwy Ste 102 Phoenix AZ

Phone: 623-414-4346

Alfalfa: $12.50 Bermuda: $15.99

10. Scottsdale Livestock  22255 N Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ  &  28170 N Alma School Rd Scottsdale 

Phone: 480-515-1800

Alfalfa: $11.99  Bermuda: $13.99  Alfalfa Blend: $11.99

12Shoppers Supply 1477 West Apache Trail -Apache Junction, AZ

Phone: 480-646-1026

Alfalfa: $11.99 Bermuda: $14.99

13. Superstition Feed & Supply, 666 N Idaho Rd. Apache Junction, AZ

Phone: 480-982-9250

Alfalfa: $13.99  Bermuda: $14.99 

14Dynamite Horseman Supply 28232 N 42nd St Cave Creek, AZ

Phone: 480-585-4073

Alfalfa: $13.99 #2 $10.95 Bermuda: $14.99

15. Pet Club 55 S Country Club Mesa AZ

Phone: 480-834-7387

Alfalfa: $12.99  Bermuda: $14.99

16. Pet Club Cooper & Warner Rds Gilbert AZ

Phone: 480-507-9000

Alfalfa: $14.99 Bermuda: $14.99 

17. C & H Hay Barn 17230 N Cave Creek Rd Phoenix  & Black Mtn Feeds 6198 E Cave Creek Rd Cave Creek AZ

Phone: 602-493-8488, 480-488-9180 

Alfalfa: $12.50 Bermuda: $14.50  Orchard Mix 3 string:$21.95

18. CAL Ranch Stores 2075 Pebble Creek Pkwy Goodyear AZ

Phone: 602-474-2270

Alfalfa: $17.99 Bermuda: $19.99 

19. Pet Club 21041 Cave Creek Rd North Phoenix

Phone: 602-773-7346

Alfalfa: $13.99  Bermuda $14.99

 20. Out West General Store 17121 W Glendale Av Waddell, AZ

Phone: 623-535-3813

Alfalfa: $12.16  Bermuda: $14.09 

21. CAL Ranch Stores 3636 W Southern Av Phoenix

Phone: 602-243-7005

Alfalfa: $17.99  Bermuda: $19.99 


2. Between Phoenix & Tucson:

Chitwood Family Feed & Supply 19884 N Maricopa Rd Maricopa, AZ

Phone: 520-568-5088

Alfalfa: $12.00  Bermuda: $14.00

Pet Club, 21145 John Wayne Pkwy. Maricopa, AZ

Phone: 520-568-9900

Alfalfa: $14.99 Bermuda: $14.99 

CAL Ranch Stores 1116 E Florence Blvd. Casa Grande AZ

Phone: 520-316-7980

Alfalfa: $17.99   Bermuda: $19.99 Alfalfa Compressed: $14.99


3. Prescott Area:

Scattered Rock Ranch 11200 Hackberry Rd Mayer Az 

Phone: 928-632-7955

Alfalfa: $12.50 #2 $11.00  Bermuda: $14.00  Straw: $7.00 (No tax)  Deliveries in Yavapai county add $1.00 per bale.

Olsen’s Grain 711 Elrod Rd Prescott, AZ

Phone: 928-445-1664

Alfalfa: $13.99 #2 $11.99 Bermuda: $16.99 Orchard $12.99 (2 wire)

Camp Verde Feeds 584 S Main St Prescott Valley, AZ

Phone: 928-567-3351

Alfalfa: $14.50  Bermuda: $18.99 Timothy Mix: $17.50

Warrens Hay & More 2295 S Az-89, Chino Valley, AZ 

Phone: 928-636-1303

Alfalfa: $13.50  Bermuda: $15.00

CAL Ranch Stores 1048 Willow Creek Rd. Prescott AZ

Phone: 928-717-5408

Alfalfa: $17.99 Bermuda: $19.99


4. Payson:

Tractor Supply 510 E Hwy 260 Payson AZ

Phone: 928-474-2829

Alfalfa: $13.99 Bermuda: $15.49

Pet Club 101 W Aero Dr. Payson, AZ

Phone: 928-474-4165

Alfalfa: $14.99  Bermuda $14.99 Timothy Compressed $14.99


5. Flagstaff:

Cal Ranch Store 2540 N 4th St Flagstaff, AZ

Phone: 928-526-4300

Alfalfa: $17.99 Bermuda: $19.99  

Tractor Supply 2020 Rte 66 Flagstaff AZ

Phone: 928-774-3622

Alfalfa: $13.99   Bermuda: $15.49


6. Tucson & Surrounding Area:

Triple L Feed & Supply 13700 N. Sandario Rd. Marana, AZ

Phone: 520-682-3222

Alfalfa : $12.00#2 $10.00 Bermuda: $13.50 #2 $11.00

Arizona Feeds Country Store 4743 N Highway Drive. Tucson, AZ

Phone: 520-887-2202

Alfalfa: $13.99 #2 $12.99 Bermuda: $15.99 #2 $12.99  Special discounts: $2.00 off

Vaquero Feed & Livestock Supply, 3301 N Freeway Rd.  Tucson AZ

Phone: 520-888-8489 

Alfalfa: $13.50 Bermuda: $15.95 $2.00 off on Saturdays


7. Kingman & Western Arizona

Stockton Hill Feed & Western 4250 Stockton Hill Rd. Kingman AZ

Phone: 928-757-4125

Alfalfa #1: $13.25 Bermuda: $14.25 Mix: $13.25

Tractor Supply 3136A N Stockton Hill Rd Kingman AZ 

Phone: 928-753-1503

Alfalfa: $14.49  Bermuda: $15.49

Tractor Supply 3200 Hwy 95N Lake Havasu City, AZ

Phone: 928-505-9103 

Alfalfa: $14.49 Bermuda: $15.49


8. Southeastern Arizona

Benson Feed & Supply 689 E 4th St Benson, AZ

Phone: 520-586-3089

Alfalfa #1: $15.00 Bermuda: $ 16.00 (103 lbs) (10+ $.50 discount)

High Noon Feed & Tack, Sonoita, AZ 

Phone: 520-455-5734

Alfalfa: $14.75  Bermuda: $15.00 

Safford Feed 203 E Hwy 70 Safford, AZ

Phone: 928-428-3595

No longer selling Hay

CalRanch Store 673 Hwy 90 Sierra Vista, AZ 

Phone: 520-417-5632

Alfalfa: $17.99 Bermuda: $19.99


9. Southwestern Arizona

Yuma Feed & Livestock Supply 2291 E Palo Verde St, Yuma, AZ 

Phone: 928-344-4940

Alfalfa: $12.00  Bermuda: $15.00

CalRanch Store 526 W 32nd St Yuma Az

Phone: 928-343-7700

Alfalfa: $17.99 Bermuda: $18.99 Alfalfa compressed $14.99


10. Northeastern Arizona

Cowboy Up Supply 456 S Mountain Av Springerville AZ 

Phone: 928-333-4995

Alfalfa: $15.25  Bermuda: $17.75 Mix: $14.25

Tractor Supply 3801 S Mountain Showlow, AZ

Phone: 928-532-5232

Alfalfa: $14.49  Bermuda: $15.49  

Hectors Hay & Feed 536 S Main St. Snowflake, AZ

Phone: 928-536-9963

Alfalfa: $14.50 #2 $13.50  Bermuda: $16.00

Holbrook Feed & Seed 717 S Apache Dr. Holbrook AZ

Phone: 928-524-6641

Alfalfa: $13.00 Bermuda: out

Tractor Supply, 1521 Navajo Blvd. Holbrook AZ

Phone: 928-524-1032

Alfalfa: $ 14.49  Bermuda: $ 14.99

 Economic Factors drive Hay prices:

1. Growing costs are affected by several factors including drought in California, Arizona, Colorado and other states throughout the country. EPA regulations on dust control and track-out is just one of those “other” factors that government created to “help us”?

2. Demand for Alfalfa and Grass Hays overseas in China, Japan and United Arab Emerates used as  feed for dairy cows and elsewhere, affects our supply in the U.S.

3. Fuel costs affect growers and those who must deliver the Hay from Growers to Wholesalers, Wholesalers to Retail Stores then from Retail to the consumers.

4. Farmers have increased their profit expectations if they are to use their land to grow hay versus other high profit crops i.e. corn, cotton etc.

The Brokers & Growers List will help you determine the best value hay: 

1. They frequently offer the lowest prices

2. Most do not have to charge taxes.

3. Useful for comparison shopping regardless of where you live in AZ.

4. While not a guarantee, they may offer higher quality hay than you can buy at a retail outlet since they have direct access to the larger growers or they are a grower.

Arizona Wholesale Brokers & Growers Directory & Report


53 Responses to "Shop Arizona Hay"
  1. Ramon Richardson says:

    Looking for hay alfalfa we will come from Pahrump Nevada with a 21-foot triple axel trailer to pick it up for resale email thank you

  2. KV says:

    Looking for #1 alfalfa in or near Laveen. Anyone know who is the best supplier, small order?

  3. Stephanie says:

    We are from the east coast and in shock over hay prices. Really appreciate the information. Are round bales sold out here?

  4. Paul Vose says:

    ORGANIC ALFALFA 90 lb bales – premium hay $14 a bale at Blue Sky Farm located at 4762 N 189th Ave Litchfield Park, AZ (623) 266-4031

  5. Lauren R says:

    I bought #1 clean leafy alfalfa this weekend from the queen creek area. Delivered and stacked for about 12.50. 4802279287

  6. Paula says:

    I am looking for Tiffany grass that I heard was in Gilbert. Does anyone know where? Do you know the analysis?

  7. Grace says:

    Quality RYE hay – 90 bales, 3 string and alfalfa hay – 10 bales, 3 string. Bought in May from Three Bars Feed and Tack, so you know it is top notch. The owners live in Washington state and are not bringing their horses back to Arizona . The rye hay is 12% protein and is available in the spring ONLY. All hay has been stored under a building and covered. The price is $15.75 for rye and $13.25 for alfalfa. Owners looking to sell for what the.y paid. New River, AZ. Not the usual hay seller. Just doing a favor and am confident this is great hay. The owner is very conscientious. Call and see if we can work this out.


  8. Tiffany says:

    I’ve been going to GFarms for years, they always do charge me taxes, should they?????

    • edward says:

      If they are a grower or a broker they do not have to charge a tax. If they tell you they are a grower or broker but charge taxes because they have a retail store, ask how Scottsdale Livestock’s all three locations do not charge taxes.
      Good Luck

  9. Daybreak Farms says:

    Daybreak Farms
    Currently our hay prices are as follows:
    Premium alfalfa $12.50 per bale
    #2 alfalfa is $10 per bale
    Premium Bermuda is $13.50 per bale
    Our giant bermuda alfalfa mix is $12.50 per bale
    We have delivery services available.
    Please call us at 520-784-9600 or visit us at
    Remember we grow all our own hay so no tax.

  10. curtis wilcoxson says:

    Itty Ranch Hay Sales is now at the Big Red Barn in Heber, AZ we will be selling outfront for the next two weeks and then we will be on the side of the barn permanently with our office out back. Just look for the signs out front and back. Alfalfa #1 $15.50 for a 3 string 100-110lb bale. NO TAX!! If you buy 64 bales we will take off .50 cents per bale. Come and see us and ask for Curtis or Kristi. 623-698-7290 or 480-343-1161

  11. Valerie Olson says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy some organic straw bales? I can’t seem to find any and need them for my chicken bedding that will go into my garden. I live in the Central Phoenix area but am willing to driving 30-40 miles! thanks!!

  12. mari says:

    I live in down south Texas, would anyone deliver so far?

  13. BenC in QC says:

    San Tan Feeds in Queen Creek is no longer in business, property is for rent.

  14. J. & m. Farms says:

    In Yuma we have alfalfa short bails for $10.00 bail. email for availability

  15. Heather says:

    Hi I just moved from Phoenix to Sierra Vista (Cochise County) I am looking for nice orchard hay not mixed with Timothy just the Colorado/Orchard hay does anybody sell any closer to Sierra vista so I don’t have to drive all the way to Phoenix to get it? Thanks

  16. Janelle says:

    We have a new service:

    it allows you to browse inventory, select bales, and get the hay delivered.
    currently we have grains, alfalfa, & grasses.
    Thanks !!!

  17. Jen says:

    You could add Last Dollar Feed in New River… currently at $14.50 for alfalfa, $15.50 for bermuda with free delivery… no minimum that i know of but I order 4 bales at a time.

  18. Curtis Wilcoxson says:

    I live in Heber, AZ and “WANT” to buy consistently from someone living in the phoenix or surrounding areas who is able to sale 60 bales at a time for #2 Alfalfa for under $11.50 a bale. we will be selling it for $1.00 under everyone elses prices so we need good hay to be able to compete. we will be selling it on the corner of 377 and duck lake rd. Please call and ask for Curtis 480-343-1161 or I am also for hire with a 3/4 ton long bed with a 4 horse trailer so if you need horses hauled or hay delivered give me a call.

  19. Karm Etsitty says:

    Hello I’m looking for some good alfalfa hay under 250 a ton need semi loads only

  20. Emily says:

    hey guys I am in Glendale and looking for low protein grassy hay even better if anyone has hay pellets can someone let me know I’d like to buy a bale or 50lb bag of pellets at a time don’t know if there is anyone out there who can help me on this one but I sure would appreciate it oh and it has to be nearby or I need it shipped =) any local people id love to hear from you!

  21. Jeff says:

    Integrated Ag’s Riggs North Farm has 3 Stings #1 for $12.50 per bale. They are located on Riggs Rd and Old Price Rd. Their website is, they have contact information for sales on there.

  22. ethank says:

    Hey all those of you in az paying more that 16 a bail i can deliver and stack cheaper please call/text 7144212519

  23. Janelle says:

    Our family has been growing and baling hay in Southwest Arizona for over 100 years. We have about 300 tons of a grassy alfalfa mix that we have been selling off for 8.50 per bale. Its a great value
    We have some pictures at:
    We believe its the best value in Arizona Hay at the current moment.
    For more information call Janelle at 480-437-4057

  24. DC says:

    Cardew Hay Co has fine stemmed leafy alfalfa delivered at 13.50 per bale.
    Really clean Bermuda is 16.50 delivered.

    Minimum 64 bales, free delivery and stacking.

    Truckloads also available.
    Will not sell hay for export.

  25. Frances P says:

    Correction on the phone number for Scattered Rock Ranch in Mayer.
    Ph# is 928-632-7955.

    Right now they have Bermuda, Alfalfa and Rye grass hay.


  26. Jennifer H says:

    Jean Anderson– where in the West Valley did you purchase the Rye hay? I have only been able to get Rye once and that was from Bales out in Buckeye. They had a mix up with the seed and didn’t plant any plain rye they only have a rye/alfalfa mix. I’m looking for just Rye hay and would LOVE to buy direct and save some money. Plus, its better for my two horses-one of which has foundered. She does really well on the rye. Any info on that grower would be welcomed!

  27. Frances P says:

    I know the list keeps getting bigger, but the small town folks really appreciate knowing about any and all hay sources, so I have to share this one.
    Scattered Rock Ranch in Mayer, just south of Prescott Valley. 928-632-7995. Was there last week, and they had Alfalfa, Bermuda, Rye grass, Rye/alfalfa mix and straw. Prices are very competitive for this area.

  28. Bales Hay Sales / Kathy says:

    Bales Hay Sales 623-386-2988 has Oat Hay and it is $9.50 per bale no tax and a .50 per bale dsicount for cash.

  29. DC says:

    Cardew Hay Co. Has really nice alfalfa for $15 delivered. Minimum is 64 bales, no charge for delivery or hand stacking if necessary. Year round supply of horse quality alfalfa and Bermuda.

    Call Dick at 602-980-4940

    Truckloads of alfalfa available as well at wholesale.

  30. Frances P says:

    Please note that FeedSmart in Dewey, AZ has closed it’s doors.
    There is another dealer in Chino Valley (north of Prescott), KeeBee hay Sales, at 928-636-4361.
    Also, Camp Verde Feeds at 928-567-3351 (closer to Prescott Valley and Dewey).
    Thanks for doing this!
    Also, do you have any articles with info on Oat Hay, prices and availability in the Valley?

    • edward says:


      Thanks, the list has been updated. As for Oat Hay, my only suggestion would be to try Anderson’s in Phoenix. They generally have a variety of hays for the racetrack or may know where you can find it.

  31. Troy Lopez says:

    We have beautiful Timothy hay 55# bales for $9.50 / bale and we have Timothy/Alfalfa 80/20 55# bales for $9.50.*

    We can package the bales into easy to ship 21 bale bundles for easy delivery. Delivery available or call to schedule pick-up from our farm in Sun Lakes, AZ. Off Riggs and Price just east of i10.

    We will have fresh Timothy all year. Fresh 3 strings will be coming off our farm in March.

    We don’t have a retail store so you don’t pay for the extra overhead. Buy from the farm and save.

    Call Troy: (602) 626-0796 or email

    *Price subject to change in the future.

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  33. KAthy Lambert says:

    Our #2 Alfalfa is $12.50 (no tax and a .50 a bales discount for cash)
    Oat/Rye mix $9.50 no tax .50 discount for cash
    Paca Verde Rye/Alf Mix $14.50 No tax , .50 discount for cash
    Cow Hay $9.50 no tax, .50 discount for cash

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  36. Nena Henry says:

    Great job, Ed.

    Karsten’s Ace Hardware sells hay and delivers it to Rio Verde residents for free. If you are a member, they also email you a $10.00 coupon monthly and it can go to the price of your hay order.

    They will also stack the hay and bags such as equineSr. per your request. We are very pleased with both their quality of hay and service

  37. Addie says:

    Pet Food Depot carries Alfalfa and Bermuda hay at both their locations. Alfalfa is currently $13.99 and Bermuda is $17.99. They also sell Purina Horse Products, ABM horse bedding, Chaffhaye and Rosebud shavings.

    Phoenix Location:
    17645 N. Cave Creek Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-493-7639 Between Bell and Union Hills

    Desert Hills Location:
    1039 East Carefree Highway
    Phoenix, AZ 85086

  38. Frances P says:

    Wanted to let you know that, currently, Warrens in Chino Valley/Prescott area, has extremely poor quality bermuda hay, and their alfalfa hay is literally covered in grasshoppers-something you may not want to give a ride home to. For anyone in the Prescott area, they do usually have good quality hay, but not right now!
    In addition, they’re not telling folks about the poor quality when it’s paid for, and when you go around the back to get it loaded (hay is not viewable from the road or front of the store), they tell you that it’s just sun bleached. Well, it’s crappy through and through, but you don’t find that out til you get it home and open a bale. Price charged is also $16.70/bale without the cash discount, so I’m guessing they got a helluva deal but sure aren’t passing the savings on to their customers! For now, if you need hay as I did on Saturday, go somewhere else.

  39. Frances P says:

    Just wanted to let others know that Warrens in Chino Valley (Prescott area) currently has very poor quality bermuda-don’t waste your money on their hay until what looks to be two semi loads, is gone. Usually, they have nice quality hay, but not right now. Also, the alfalfa was covered with grasshoppers-something you may not want to give a right home to. I’m reporting this because no one at the counter mentioned anything about the hay quality when I paid for it; but when I went around to the back to get it loaded, the guy told me that they would be loading off the top of the stack, which was sun bleached. Out of 6 bales paid for, all but one were not only sun bleached on every side but one, but when the first bale was cut open at home, even the inside is poor quality and bleached. Also, the price charged was $16.70 per bale, without the cash discount. If they got a deal from the grower, they sure didn’t pass it on as far as I’m concerned.

  40. Addie S says:

    Pet Food Depot carries Alfalfa and Bermuda hay at both their locations. Alfalfa is currently $13.95 and Bermuda is $17.99. They also sell Purina Horse Products, ABM horse bedding, Chaffhaye and Rosebud shavings.
    Phoenix Location:
    17645 N. Cave Creek Road
    Phoenix, AZ 85032
    602-493-7639 Between Bell and Union Hills

    Desert Hills Location:
    1039 East Carefree Highway
    Phoenix, AZ 85086

  41. Cyndee says:

    Karsten,s Ace Hardware at Tatum and Dynamite also carries hay and all Purina products.

  42. edward says:

    Hi Joe,

    Yes we can add all the locations in your area but we are at the point now where we need help keeping the prices current. As I mentioned in my comment to Nancy, we will need multiple equestrians to report the prices for their designated locations 2x per month i.e. on the 15th and again on the 30th.

    Hope this helps and you can wrangle up some support down there in your region.



  43. edward says:

    Superstition Feed & Supply has been added. We hope that the more locations we add the more it will aid horse owners to keep the prices competitive

    As the list grows larger, we may get to a point where will need help from one or more equestrians in each region to update the current cost at least 2x per month.

  44. Joe Scelso says:

    Thank you very much for the research, it takes a lot of time to do. There are many more places to buy hay in southeastern Arizona and I can get the names and phone numbers to you if you wish. The greater Sierra Vista area is a much larger place than Benson and there are at least 6 and maybe more that I can think of off hand.

    I’d also like information on the large, square or round, bales as that is what we feed our cattle. What we are getting is approx 1300 pounds at $210 a bale. I know there has to be better prices someplace. I know horse folks that buy them to feed their horses.

    Again, thanks.


  45. Jean Anderson says:

    Thanks Ed, and to the AzHC, for getting us the info on hay. Frances P, above, has suggested an interesting question on Co-ops…….In the wake of high hay prices, I purchased RYE Hay from a hay grower over in the West Valley (way West and South). During a conversation with him, I asked him if he would grow MORE RYE Hay if he had more people who would buy it.?(I paid $10/bale in June, when prices of Bermuda were over $19). He talked as if he WOULD grow more if I would get others to buy from him. He also delivers. Rye is a good hay, but does not grow when the temperature reaches OVER 102o……Anyone interested????

  46. Nancy Mello says:

    Perhaps you might add Superstition Feed in Apache Junction (480-982-9250) to the list of hay sellers. The large horse community in the AJ area typically frequents either B&B or Superstiton Feed.
    A question – How frequently will this feature be updated?
    And please tell the staff who developed this entire site – Great Job!

  47. Frances P says:

    Here’s another new feed store in Flagstaff, who sells hay and is trying to get their business going-
    They’re located in East Flag, off Townsend-Winona Road

    Listed on Criagslist on 7/17/12:

    Come out to Mountain View Hay & Grain and check
    out our supplies of quality feed. Hay prices are finally
    on the way down and we have all feed at super low prices

    #1 Alfalfa 14.99 3 string bales
    #1 Bermuda 15.99 3 string bales
    #1 Alf/Ber mix hay 15.50 3string bales
    All bales are between 95 to 105 pounds
    We also carry 1500 pound big bales alfalfa (cow hay) 190.00 huge savings

    We also feature Star milling hay and grain pellets for all your livestock needs at super low prices. (horse, cattle, poultry, sheep, dog, cat, swine, and rabbit feed.

    Come check us out Monday 11-6 Tuesday thru Saturday 9-6
    Closed Sundays 9500 Townsend Winona Rd. across from Mt. View Market

    Mountain View Hay & Grain
    PostingID: 3084312257


  48. edward says:

    Thanks for the info. We added both locations and found that Warrens has better prices and perhaps heavier balesthat would make it an even better value.

  49. Frances P says:

    Great to have this info-thanks!
    I Have two other feed stores in the Prescott area for pricing, who are competetive to Olsens Grain: 1) Warrens Hay & More in Chino #928-636-1303, and 2) FeedSmart in Dewey #928-632-5090.
    Would love to see some ‘formal’ Hay Coops formed statewide as well…has this subject come up?


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